Your Second Surface Specialists

Tradedesign Inc.

Trade Design is a printing specialist providing printed top coatings and printed image enhancement. Whether it be uv coating, glitter, scratch off, glow-in-the-dark, scratch-n-sniff, anti-slip coating, blister & skin coating, specialty screen printing, product recovery, remoist glue, die cutting or photochromatic work we have what you’re looking for.

Trade Design has been supplying the print and graphics industries with exceptional printed top coatings and image enhancement for over 25 years. Our client base consists of over 100 medium to large printing and graphic related companies located primarily in South Eastern Wisconsin and North Eastern Illinois. Our clients consider our service an extension to their own production capacity, often calling us into their production meetings for scheduling and technical support. Our market niche is deeply embedded in our extensive knowledge of the printing industry and our development of proprietary applications and processes.

It is our sincere goal to become your printing partner and earn your business everyday by providing exceptional products and services in a friendly and timely manner.